Gibam India is the Indian headquarter of Gibam Shops SpA, the world-known designer and manufacturer of shop-fittings and commercial furniture for hotels and public spaces. Based in Maharashtra, Gibam India takes roots in the know-how and expertise of the mother company, but manufactures all its products in India, in full commitment to provide Indian clients with quality furniture at Indian price. Gibam India is the point of reference for food- and non-food retailers and interior designers that need quality modular furniture for commercial areas, and operates also taking charge of full project execution in particular in West-South India.


Gibam India operates with a clear focus on 3 sectors of commercial furniture:
QSR (quick-serving restaurants), retail furniture and office furniture.

Proudly Made in India

Nowadays Indian manufacturers that operate in the furniture sector are capable of producing with a quality that is absolutely compatible with international standards. This belief is so much part of the strategy of Gibam India that the company, altough being a controlled company of an Italian enterprise, does not import from Europe and considers a matter of pride being able to offer European-standard quality 100% Made in India.


A modern company works with a set of procedures that ensure a smooth and organised activity. When approached by a client that requires the creation of a set of furniture that must reflect a defined image and a series of functional characteristics, Gibam India employs a work procedure that is aimed at understanding all needs first, and then at producing practical proposals that will be used to fine-tune the final decision about what shall be produced.


The interaction between Gibam India and the client define what is the expectation and how it shall be presented.


Detailed drawings and material samples are used to explain to the client how every single piece of furniture will be made. Prototypes can also be produced.


After approval, manufacturing starts and is followed by quality check, packaging, delivery
and installation.



Some of the brands that have been served by Gibam India during the last 10 years. Our customers, past and present, are really our greatest treasure.

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