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QSR are the jewel of the expertise of Gibam India, that can provide, in a modular system, all kinds of furniture that are needed in a bustling food outlet. The great experience of the company in creating complex counters makes Gibam India the ideal supplier for food sector operators.

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A systematic approach to your brand and your outlets makes all the difference

Quick serving restaurants are at the core of Gibam India activity. The company designs and manufactures counters, from simple cash areas to complex and big counters that include plumbing, electric wiring, spaces for freezers and devices, where image and functionality must meet with durability and modular structures, with affordable costs and fine materials, as solid wood and special surfaces. In addition, the company manufactures tables, claddings, ceiling- treatment structures, benches, bins and holders, and provides chairs and other elements that complement the interior of a QSR.In our hands your brand features and expectations are studied, understood and shared. This is the starting point onto which Gibam india will develop a pragmatic solution, highlighting quality, durability and efficient fitting of every premise.

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By taking benefit from years and years of experience in creating modular commercial furniture, Surani Gibam will re-engineer all your furniture and accessories, including the ceiling and wall treatments. You will not need to use carpenters on the spot and will have always clear how to produce, pack, delivery and install your furniture.


Transforming your furniture set into a modular system brings many benefits to your business. You can easily foresee the cost of a new store. You can plan it from a computer by using pre-defined drawing units. You can have cost control over every item and focus on detail when improving.


A QSR's outlet is a sort of work constantly under development. Surani Gibam follows you with your new ideas, new needs, into the creation of improvement of furniture units that will satisfy your growth and expectations. New materials, new solutions, Surani Gibam is for you a laboratory that makes your ideas become objects.

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